A full service pool builder in North Texas.

Our Construction Process

We have been building pools in North Texas for nearly 30 years. While we know the construction process like the back of our hand, we believe our customers should, too. Lake Pointe Custom Pools Owner, Dick Wyatt, and Supervisor, Corey Wyatt, closely monitor the build of your new pool from beginning to end to ensure the best quality, service, and optimal scheduling. 

The steps below outline the general construction process of an in-ground Pool.


step 1: Design & excavation

Excavation is the first step of the construction process. Based off of your custom pool design, we 'peg out' the area and shape of your pool ensuring the correct dimensions and elevations. We then work with your city entity to comply with inspections and city permits. From there, the physical excavation of your pool begins by removing the dirt and carving out the space for your new backyard paradise. 


Step 2: forming & pouring the walls 

Using a steel grid, we form the walls that will define your pool. By the time this process is completed, you’ll have an idea of what the outline of your pool looks like. We'll then pour the concrete walls into the steel grid providing the hard surfaces necessary for the interior design of your pool. 

For this process, we use Gunite - a mixture of sand, rock and cement. Gunite allows for more flexibility to add custom pool features and gives your pool a built to last finish making your pool durable for many years to come! 


Step 3: Tile & Coping

After the gunite process is complete, we will begin one of the more tedious steps of the construction process: the installation of your waterline tile and coping. This phase consists of a high-glazed, weather resistant waterline tile that we will hand lay and grout around the waterline of your pool creating a beautiful look and feel to your backyard paradise. Custom amenities such as waterfalls and natural rock features will take place at this stage as well. 


Step 4: Decking 

Once the base of the pool and tiling is complete, we will begin building out your deck. This is the final step of the physical construction process before the pool shell finish is applied and it is ready to be filled.

Based off of your initial pool design, we will build either a natural stone deck, concrete deck, stamped concrete, paver deck or exposed aggregate deck.  


Step 5: Finishing touches

Once the hard construction is completed, we install all of the final touches such as landscaping, accessories, etc. Then, just add water!

Before we leave we will conduct a one-on-one 'pool school' with you teaching you how to care for your new paradise, equipment, and more! You can then set up regular pool cleaning and maintenance appointments with Craig Wyatt and our service team.